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International Lectures

Internationalising Austrian Universities:
Contexts – Strategies – Perspectives

A Joint Event of Austrian Universities, OeAD, Universities Austria,
in cooperation with the Austrian National Student Union

Designing sustainable internationalization strategies and mastering global challenges will have a strong impact on the universities’ future. During a series of INTERNATIONAL LECTURES, experts have discussed challenges and opportunities presented by an increasingly international and intercultural setting at universities. University leaders have addressed how to internationalize research and teaching to a greater extent as well as how to include current social and economic issues in the curricula.

Having scientists and students who communicate, network and cooperate within an international network, one could say that universities are international per se. However, first-class internationalization endeavours go beyond: a global perspective is of paramount importance when it comes to selecting research topics and designing the next course syllabus. Moreover, the cultural diversity of its own students, scientists and administrative personnel needs to be actively promoted in order to unleash its creative potential. On a practical level, these goals need to be supported by structures which allow for interdisciplinary research and diversity to thrive. The promotion of multilingualism, innovative teaching methods and curricula which include issues of global responsibility and global citizenship are examples that could help.